Science and Research

The Faculty of Economics research activities are focused on advanced methods, procedures and process needs of businesses and organisations at the beginning of the 3rd millennium. It means that research is oriented on suitable business strategies in terms of economic integration, global, knowledge-based and innovative economy, business process management and application of modern statistical approaches in market research methods in finance (risk, credit, insurance, corporate finance), logistics, innovation, knowledge management and marketing.

Significant scientific projects of the faculty's academic staff dealt with e.g. the issue of small and medium-sized business in relation to European competitiveness, return on investment in higher education, the development of economic theory in the context of integration and globalization, innovative approaches to solving municipal disparities, the quality of the business environment or the regional price index as an indicator of real social and economic disparities. The aim of all scientific research projects carried out at the Faculty of Economics of TUL is to find appropriate new recommendations (at the level of economic policies) leading to the improvement of competitiveness and performance of economic entities and the standard of living of the inhabitants of the region, and thus the overall socio-economic position of the region.

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