Student Advisors

As part of the ROLIZ project (Development of TUL human resources for increasing relevance, quality and access to education in the conditions of Industry 4.0), student advisors work at EF TUL.
A STUDENT ADVISOR will advise you if you don't know where to ask!

Name Email
Ing. Ondřej Michal student's faculty advisor ondrej.michal@tul.cz
Bc. Linda Hrouzková advisor of students in English study programmes – 4ft year linda.hrouzkova@tul.cz
Bc. Jana Peigerová advisor of students in English study programmes – 5ft year j.peigerova@gmail.com
Ing. Ondřej Linhart Advisor for doctoral studies in English programmes ondrej.linhart@tul.cz

Consultation hours are listed on IS STAG. However, you can contact the advisor and arrange a personal meeting by email.

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