Student Business Club TUL

The project of the Faculty of Economics of TUL, which aims to support students' creativity and appetite for entrepreneurship, has now grown to the university level. However, the strong relationship with FE TUL is still quite strong today and the majority of the organizing team is from our faculty.

The biggest event of SBC TUL is the annual START-UP TUL competition. It also offers many events during the year to promote entrepreneurship, such as the monthly Brain&Breakfast event, the SBC Camp entrepreneurship lecture series, as well as expert lectures with inspiring people from practice.

START-UP TUL Competition

START-UP TUL Competition

Competition for the best business idea at our university. Do you have an interesting idea and want to try what it is like to implement it? Enter the TUL START-UP competition and go through the process from idea to presentation to investors!

You can get a financial reward of more than 100 000 CZK to start your business!

About the Brain&Breakfast concept from the official website:

Breakfasts were created to inspire. Their goal is to show the interestingness of people and the world around us and to puncture the bubbles in which each of us lives. We want breakfasts to feature inspiring individuals with strong values and stories, and to give insight into industries we don't often encounter. Brain&Breakfast are a counterbalance to the short-handedness of the news that reaches us through social media or television.

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Business Workout ► SBC Camp

Business Workout ► SBC Camp

The Business Workout concept (held in previous years) is now changing its coat and becoming SBC Camp. But it is still a week of interesting and inspiring lectures from practitioners who tell their stories of business.

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