Department of Business Administration and Management

The Department of Business Administration and Management was established in 1992 along with the beginning of the Faculty of Economics at the Technical University of Liberec. Based on the Department´s development, the research carried out and the cooperation with practice, the professional focus of the Department can be divided into three thematic areas: business environment, management of processes, corporate relations and strategic management of entreprises.

About the Department

About the Department

The Department´s sphere of interest can be divided into three areas based on the development, research and collaboration with businesses:

1.  Business Environment.

2. Management of processes and relations between organizations i.e. strategic decision making regarding the cooperation and integration of enterprises; their vertical and horizontal ties for improving competitiveness together with legal aspects.

3. Strategic management focuses on the soft components of managing strategic areas of business entities.


Commercial courses for businesses and the public

The Department also provides commercial courses for businesses and the public. The courses are tailored to the customer's requirements. Example of thematic areas:

  • Management (personality typology, communication, etc.),
  • Logistics, warehousing, health and safety,
  • Law (family law and mediation, labor law, Norwegian Civil Code),
  • HR and labour law.


The Department participates in the pedagogical process of Doctoral, Master´s and Bachelor´s studies at the Faculty of Economics of TUL, which provides a comprehensive education in the field. In addition, it is also active at other faculties of TUL (mechanical engineering, textile, mechatronics, natural sciences, humanities and pedagogical faculties). The staff of the Department is also involved in teaching in English to foreign students.

Within their professional focus, the activities of the teachers are also focused on publishing professional literature, in addition to scripts for teaching at universities and articles for professional journals. Particulary in the field of business management, the Department has established many contacts with representatives of companies (Preciosa a.s., Detesk s.r.o., Lasvit a.s., Elmarco s.r.o., VÚTS a.s., TRW Automotive Czech s.r.o., etc.), which enables the preparation of quality final theses of students and thus quality preparation for their entry into practice.

Awarded Theses
Ing. Michaela Pokorná Diploma Theses - Map of Value Streams
Theses supervisor: Ing. Pavla Švermová, Ph.D.
The Dean´s Award FE TUL (2018)
Bc. Hana Kořínková Bachelor´s Theses - Improving the Recruitment Process Using Career Websites
Theses supervisor: doc. Ing. Kateřina Maršíková, Ph.D.
Rector´s Award TUL (2017)
Bc. Gabriela Prokopová Bachelor´s Theses - Acquiring Employees in a Selected Company
Theses supervisor: doc. Ing. Kateřina Maršíková, Ph.D.
The Dean´s Award FE TUL (2018)


Achievements of students

At the competition of research held within the International Conference of Students and Doctoral Students YOUNG SCIENTIST 2021, out students were awarded in the category of Bachelor´s and Master´s students:

  • 1st place Michaela FRITSCHOVÁ, Lucie VYTINOVÁ, Nikola PROCHÁZKOVÁ for their presentation on Risks and Opportunities of Online teaching Through the Eyes of TUL Students (supervised by Ing. Eva Šírová, Ph.D.)
  • 2nd place Michaela VAŇKOVÁ for her presentation on Improvement Process in Company (supervised by Ing. Eva Šírová, Ph.D.)
  • 2nd place in the category of Ph.D. students Ing. Tereza HORÁKOVÁ for her presentation on Knowledge Sharing Between Students During Covid-19 Pandemic (supervised by doc. Ing. Kateřina Maršíková, Ph.D.)


  • Ing. Jakub ANDAR and Bc. Dominik KOLÁŘ were awarded the Junior Quality Manager certificate in 2021 on the basis of successful completion of a demanding examination in the Czech Society for Quality (preparation for the certificate takes place regularly within the Quality Management course).
  • Within the framework of the 21st International Conference of the African Academy of Business and Development (AABD) the student Ing. Bc. Denisa SKRBKOVÁ, BA (Hons) was awarded for the best conference paper with article Comparison of African and European students' approach to entrepreneurship (supervised by doc. Ing. Petra Rydvalová, Ph.D.).
  • In 2019, students Veronika DOMALÍPOVÁ and Šárka LUKÁŠOVÁ passed the exam within the Czech Society for Quality and received the Junior Quality Manager certificate. The preparation took place within the Quality Management course under the guidance of Ing. Eva Šírová, Ph.D.


In terms of the focus of research and innovation activities, the Department has been dedicated to the field of "business management and economics" since its establishment. The professional focus covers the entire breadth of the scientific field, i.e. from the process of establishing a company, through the analysis of business processes, the business environment, through e.g. the issue of solving investment plans for the revitalization of abandoned buildings (brownfields) to the termination of the activities of economic entities. The Department directs its activity to solving grant projects and other research tasks commissioned by economic entities from practice, professional ministries, regional administration institutions (ARR spol. s r.o., Liberec City Council, Regional Authority of Liberec Region).


Research activities for the economic sphere mainly focus on the following issues: business administration, investment and development projects, corporate organisational structure and management, production management, logistics, quality management, issues of entrepreneurial environment and economics of services. The members of the Department of Business Administration and Management provide consulting, elaborate specified projects, studies, etc.


Academic Staff

Name Position Office Phone E-mail:
Eva Štichhauerová Head of Department, Assistant Professor H07038 +420 48535 2363 eva.stichhauerova@tul.cz
Petra Rydvalová Deputy Head of Department, Associate Professor H07044 +420 48535 2241 petra.rydvalova@tul.cz
Magdalena Zbránková Secretary of the Department, Assistant Professor H07039 +420 48535 2245 magdalena.zbrankova@tul.cz
Veronika Trnková Secretary H07042 +420 48535 2351 veronika.trnkova@tul.cz
Jakub Dyntar Associate Professor H07035 +420 48535 2242 jakub.dyntar@tul.cz
Zuzana Horčičková Assistant Professor H07017 +420 48535 2217 zuzana.horcickova@tul.cz
Ivan Jáč Professor H07014 +420 48535 2361 ivan.jac@tul.cz
Eva Karhanová Horynová Assistant H07016 +420 48535 2443 eva.karhanova.horynova@tul.cz
Peter Madzík Science and Research Officer +420 48535 2242 peter.madzik@tul.cz
Vendula Macháčková External Lector H07016 vendula.machackova@tul.cz
Kateřina Maršíková Vice-Rector, Associate Professor H07043 +420 48535 2344 katerina.marsikova@tul.cz
Natalie Pelloneová Assistant Professor H07048 +420 48535 2311 natalie.pelloneova@tul.cz
Lenka Suková Assistant Professor H07017 +420 48535 2218 lenka.sukova@tul.cz
Eva Šírová Assistant Professor H07038 +420 48535 2353 eva.sirova@tul.cz
Pavla Švermová Assistant Professor H07037 +420 48535 2346 pavla.svermova@tul.cz
Eliška Valentová Assistant Professor H07034 +420 48535 2431 eliska.valentova@tul.cz
Miroslav Žižka Professor H07015 +420 48535 2345 miroslav.zizka@tul.cz
Jakub Andar Internal Doctoral Student H07035 +420 48535 2242 jakub.andar@tul.cz
Kateřina Hušková Internal Doctoral Student H07035 +420 48535 2317 katerina.huskova@tul.cz
Petra Kašparová External Lector H07036 +420 48535 2354 petra.kasparova1@tul.cz
Ondřej Linhart Internal Doctoral Student H07036 +420 48535 2354 ondrej.linhart@tul.cz
Anastasiia Mazurchenko Assistant Professor H07048 +420 48535 2311 anastasiia.mazurchenko@tul.cz
Tereza Michalová Internal Doctoral Student H07034 +420 48535 2431 tereza.michalova@tul.cz
Petr Průcha Internal Doctoral Student H08017 +420 48535 2280 petr.prucha@tul.cz
Radoslav Rabina Internal Doctoral Student H7035 +420 48535 2242 radoslav.rabina@tul.cz
Márcio Vitor Tonhá Rodrigues External Doctoral Student H07038 +420 48535 2353 marcio.rodrigues@tul.cz
Denisa Skrbková External Lector H07036 +420 48535 2354 denisa.skrbkova@tul.cz
Michal Tomíček Internal Doctoral Student H07035 +420 48535 2242 michal.tomicek@tul.cz
Hana Trávníčková Internal Doctoral Student H7036 hana.travnickova@tul.cz
Vasilii Ostin External Doctoral Student H7034 +420 48535 2431 vasilii.ostin@tul.cz
Jakub Sieber External Doctoral Student H07034 +420 48535 2431 jakub.sieber@tul.cz


Technical University of Liberec
Faculty of Economics

Department of Business Administration and Management
Voroněžská 13
460 01 Liberec 1

tel.: +420 48535 2351
e-mail: veronika.trnkova@tul.cz

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