Multimedia Laboratory

The multimedia laboratory is an integral part of the Department of Informatics at EF TUL and consists of two interconnected parts - in the first part students acquire source data and in the second part they edit them on computers using appropriate software tools.

Students have the opportunity to try out programs from the Creative Cloud software package from Adobe, which is one of the standards for multimedia data processing.

The subjects taught in the Multimedia Laboratory include Multimedia, Multimedia Technology, Multimedia Applications. Multimedia Fundamentals, Introduction to Multimedia Technology, and Computer Graphics.

The Multimedia Lab is equipped with high quality hardware for capturing image, audio and video data. Among its equipment you will find quality cameras and lenses from Canon and Sony, BlackMagic, Sony and Panasonic video cameras.

In addition, Universal Audio sound cards along with high quality analog FX simulation units, analog and digital synthesizers, electric guitars and basses or drum modules.

The research projects include, for example, the projects of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic: the Development of Skills Necessary for the Digital Transformation of Business (reg. no. TJ02000206) and School-age Children and Their Perception of Online Marketing Communication (reg. no. TL03000236).

The Multimedia Lab also uses its state-of-the-art facilities to assist students in the completion of their thesis and bachelor's theses.

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