Application & Admission Information

Conditions for the application process for the academic year 2024/2025:

•    Application fee: USD 100 or CZK 2,000 for all study programmes (contains postal delivery of admission documents to a foreign country)
•    Deadline for application: April 30, 2024
•    Contact us: admissions.ef@tul.cz

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Master Studies (2 years)


We offer two follow-up master study programmes leading to the degree Ing., an equivalent to Master M.Sc. or M.A. Master studies are concluded by the final state examination and the diploma thesis defence.

Business Administration

  • Specialization: Management of Business Processes
  • Specialization: Marketing and International Trade (not open for admission in 2024/2025)

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International Management

double degree in cooperation with IHI Zittau, part of Technische Universität Dresden

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Doctoral Studies (4 years)


The Faculty of   Economics also offers doctoral study programmes leading to the degree of Ph.D. These are completed by the state doctoral examination and doctoral thesis defence.

  • Business Administration and Management    
  • System Engineering and Informatics
    • Specialization: Managerial Informatics (not open for admission in 2024/2025)

We reserve the right not to include your Application in the admission process if there is no available supervisor for your professional specialization.

We can check whether there is a possible match in your scientific specialization. Please send to email admissions.ef@tul.cz (all in PDF form):

Do not contact individual supervisors directly!

Based on your dissertation proposal, the Branch Board will assess whether the proposed topic aligns with the research scope of the faculty. When there is a possibility for a match, you can procceed with the online application process.

Specialization and offer of possible topics of individual supervisors can be found here:

Topics of the Dissertation Thesis for Doctoral Study Programmes

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