Follow up Master Studies

Our faculty offers follow-up master's degree programmes, the standard duration of which is 2 years and after fulfilling the study obligations and passing the state final examinations is completed with the title Engineer (Ing.) before the name. In the double degree programme, the successful graduate receives two degrees: the Czech degree Ing. (used before the name) and the international degree MSc. (used after the name). Some degree programmes offer both full-time (full-time) and combined (distance) study.

Management of Business Processes

Management of Business Processes

Management of Business Processes


The specialization of Management of Business Processes provides graduates with the knowledge of corporate project management, using support software tools. Moreover, graduates acquire the principles of environmental management, auditing, controlling and modern tools and quality management systems.


International Management

The graduate of study programme International Management will be able to critically compare the views of standard economic models at key economic categories and mechanisms, and evaluate their impact on the firm, identify, classify and interpret economic data, including their explicit and implicit assumptions in the application of probability methods, run a quantitative and qualitative analysis of economic data, use the information technology and software support for organizational and presentational activities.

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