Family Business – Solving Social And Economic Disparities in Municipalities

The intention of the project is to strengthen research activities and knowledge in the field of addressing regional disparities with a focus on rural municipalities in the context of their position in the wider territory. The family business is selected as a tool for addressing inequalities as a basis for the development of the business environment of the rural municipality.

The project formulated new procedures for defining and assessing the health of family businesses and proposals for supporting their development in the context of addressing the development of the business environment of rural communities in the wider area. Another result is the design of effective training for family-type enterprises using information technology; thus, the foundation stone is laid for the creation of a managed network of mentors for family business. This will be as responsive as possible to the requirements of society, the labour market and the economy, and will be linked to the demands of the labour market and to other instruments that shape active employment policy. The aim is to prevent the problems of depopulation of small municipalities by creating more favourable conditions for the realisation of young people's reproductive plans in the context of family business and thus contribute to maintaining territorial cohesion. See Report on the survey of municipalities with up to 2000 inhabitants.

"Before the multinationals came along, there was family business. Before the industrial revolution, there was family business. And even before there was a Greek or Roman empire, there was family business."

- William O'Hara, Centuries of Success, 2004

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