KSY – Department of Economic Statistics

The Department of Economic Statistics focuses on a wide range of statistic sciences, which include statistic, econometric and economic-mathematical methods applied in all economic areas. The fundamental objective is to keep pace with the latest trends in the development of statistic methods, which, in connection with the creation of specialised statistic software,  tend to be increasingly more sophisticated. In addition, research into different possibilities for applying statistic methods is of a particular significance.

The department teaches Statistics courses, not only at the Faculty of Economics but also at the specialisation Recreology at the Faculty of Science, Humanities and Education; and  the specialisations Nursing and Biomedical Engineering within the Institute of Health Studies. Furthermore, the members of the department with the expertise in the insurance industry teach Statistics courses to students in doctoral  study programmes as well as courses in English to foreign students. The main aim of the courses is to make students aware of the modern statistical tools for analysing data so that they are eventually able to effectively utilise the appropriate methods in practice.

Besides teaching, the members of the department focus on research, deal with grant activities and prepare new projects proposals. They cooperate with foreign universities, go on internships, and take part in both local and international conferences. The outcomes of their work are published in scientific journals.

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