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If studying is not challenging enough for you, you can join in the extracurricular activities of one of the student clubs. TUL operates the largest international student organization, Aisec, the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), and the association for starting entrepreneurs Student Business Club.


We've been organizing student work experience in companies since 1993, and we've been able to put together a decent collection of partners to choose from. We offer not only multinational companies and corporations, but also emerging start-ups and digital agencies.


Business Administration


(LESSONS IN ENGLISH, Full-time study)

During your bachelor studies, they taught you what a marketing mix is, how a business works and what doing business abroad requires. How you are going to use this knowledge is completely up to you. Can you develop and implement your own marketing campaigns?

Design a new product or service and persuade customers to buy it? Do you know which foreign markets will be profitable for your business in the coming year? How do you penetrate these markets?

Double Degree Programme


(LESSONS IN ENGLISH, Full-time study)

The graduate of study programme International Management will be able to critically compare the views of standard economic models at key economic categories and mechanisms, and evaluate their impact on the firm, identify, classify and interpret economic data, including their explicit and implicit assumptions in the application of probability methods, run a quantitative and qualitative analysis of economic data, use the information technology and software support for organizational and presentational activities.

Double degree in co-operation with IHI Zittau, part of Technische Universitat Dresden. During the first year of study, the student studies at Faculty of Economics of TUL in Liberec (Czech Republic), only selected courses are at IHI/TUD in Zittau, Gemany (which is only about 25 km far away). The winter semester of the second year of study takes place only at IHI/TUD in Zittau, the summer semester is devoted to diploma thesis processing (student can choose where to work on the thesis, whether at FE TUL or IHI/TUD). A graduate gets both Master diplomas - Czech and German. All courses are in English (more on the study programme website).


(LESSONS IN ENGLISH, Full-time study)

You already have your bachelor’s degree; now is the time to step up your game, because procrastination, although officially diagnosed, is not a proper excuse. You have to learn how to plan strategically, how to innovate, analyse and control.

All the work won't get done by itself, and nobody will give you the Ing. degree (Master’s) for free.

There is no economic faculty like ours.  With us in Liberec, you can choose from 17 disciplines and specializations for bachelor, post-graduate and doctoral studies, including technically-oriented Managerial Informatics.


We offer teaching in Czech and English.

MASTER (Ing. 2 years)

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