There is no economic faculty like ours.  With us in Liberec, you can choose from 17 disciplines and specializations for bachelor, post-graduate and doctoral studies, including technically-oriented Managerial Informatics.


We offer teaching in Czech and English.

Business Administration


(LESSONS IN ENGLISH, Full-time study, 6 weeks of supervised work experience)

Whenever you see a tedious puppy post on your Facebook page with the caption "Give him a like, or he'll be sad", you roll your eyes. When you have to click on a website 10 times before you find the opening hours, you leave. If you are waiting three hours at the dentist, you wonder if it's really necessary.

If you know that you could do better, apply for Economics and Management of Services. You will learn about strategic marketing, service planning and HR management.

BACHELOR (Bc. 3 years)

"... study and travel COMBINED?

At FE TUL it’s no problem... "

Nobody says that with us you have to study only in the Czech Republic. Within each level of study (Bachelor, Follow-up Master, Doctoral), you can take 12 months abroad, either through a study stay or work placement.  You can change the ratio of these types of stay freely and spend, for example, 6 months on a work placement and 6 on a study stay.


We can offer you a selection of 21 partner universities and 20 institutions in EU member states where our students have worked in the past. Stays and internships are subsidized in the form of contributions to cover the higher costs of living abroad.



Business Administration PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT

(LESSONS IN ENGLISH, Full-time study, 6 weeks of supervised work experience.)

Artificial intelligence can handle a lot, but it cannot compete with you. No-one but you can effectively optimize your supplies and evenly spread the use of three pairs of socks over 7 days. Maximize the benefits of a 30-page workbook, while writing notes on five subjects? Stretch out the 10% left in your battery to last 10 hours by reducing display brightness and turning off your mobile at regular intervals?

If you want to develop your talents further, Production Management is the right choice for you. You can look forward to topics such as business processes, strategic production planning, maintenance management and enterprise logistics.



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