SVOČ Contest

The Faculty of Textiles, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Mechatronics, Informatics and Interdisciplinary Studies and the Faculty of Economics of the Technical University of Liberec are organizing a competition in student scientific and professional activities (SVOČ) in order to find creative types of students at the technical faculties of TUL. One of the main goals of the competition is the financial support of creative types of students who have the prerequisites for scientific and development activities and to motivate them to continue working in this area.

Depending on the number of submitted competitive theses, individual sections will eventually be divided into sub-sections according to study programs (bachelor's, follow-on master's, doctoral).

Any student who, at the time of registration for the competition, will be a bachelor's, master's or doctoral student at TUL can participate in the SVOČ competition. Works that have already been submitted in previous SVOČ years are not accepted. The authors of the best works in each section will be awarded a financial reward in the form of a scholarship (1st place: 10,000 CZK, 2nd place: 5,000 CZK, 3rd place: 3,000 CZK).

An evaluation committee is established in each section. The registered student submits his contribution in the range of a maximum of 10 A4 pages in electronic form. The commission will then evaluate the competition works and determine the order of the winning works.



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