Doctoral studies

Rules for doctoral studies at the Faculty of Economics

The organization of doctoral studies at EF TUL is governed by Dean's Directive No. 8/2014.
Scholarship amount for students of doctoral study programs at EF TUL by Dean's Directive No. 2/2021.
The organization of state doctoral examinations and dissertation defenses at EF TUL is governed by the dean's order valid for the relevant semester.
Study plans for the academic year 2022/23.

Current topics of dissertations of individual supervisors
Commencement of doctoral studies


Instructions for the defense of the dissertation

The defense of the dissertation in the doctoral study program is governed by the Study and Examination Regulations of the Technical University of Liberec.
The student fills out the "Application for the defense of a dissertation" form and brings it to the study department for doctoral studies usually 90 days before the scheduled date, more according to the current Dean's Order - Organization of State Doctoral Examinations and Doctoral Theses Defenses.
The application for the defense of the dissertation, the binding structure of the dissertation and the auto-abstract of the dissertation can be downloaded from the EF TUL website - Students - doctoral studies - forms.
The student will bring three hardcover copies of the dissertation to the EF dean's office. The thesis is printed on both sides, only the title page and the statement (or acknowledgments) will be printed on one side. The models for the plates and title pages of final theses are governed by the Rector's current Directive (Publication of bachelor's, diploma, dissertation and rigorous theses and their basic uniform editing).


On the IS/STAG portal, in the "Qualification thesis" section, fill in the materials for the dissertation (topic, title in Czech, title in English, supervisor, then contact the study department DS for activation, and then add to the data about the dissertation: annotations in Czech, English (+ another world language), key words Czech, English, scope and upload the final file, and then it can be printed (for more see Mandatory structure of the dissertation and auto-report). The student prepares the materials for the auto-report, which is attached to the dissertation. The auto-report is prepared according to the Mandatory structure of the dissertation Auto-abstract.

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