Office of Analysis and Studies

The Faculty of Economics at the Technical University of Liberec has recently established the Office of Analysis and Studies. The office's area of operation is an active long-term and systematic cooperation with companies. The collaborative approach is based on customising its activities and services to companies in accordance with their specific interests, requirements and time, personnel and financial possibilities.

The aim of this cooperation is to link the activities of the Faculty of Economics at theTUL with the commercial sector and to offer a professional insight based on extensive knowledge and theory to businesses. The supplied services are provided by various departments of the Faculty of Economics.



The Faculty of Economics at the TUL is a valued partner of the commercial sector, which provides it with education and expertise of academics and offers results of science and research. It helps both organisations and individuals to increase their knowledge, to boost their operations, to pay attention to new factors affecting their success, and to create new competitive advantages.

Contact person Telephone Email Office
Ing. Zuzana Horčičková, Ph.D. +420 48 535 2217 zuzana.horcickova@tul.cz H717,
6th floor of building H
Veronika Trnková +420 48535 2351 kas@tul.cz H07042


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Office of Analysis and Studies
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