New TUL visual

The new visual of the Technical University of Liberec was adopted in September 2021. More information can be found in the article on T-UNI. Its implementation is still ongoing today. The coordinators at our faculty are the vice dean for external affairs, Ing. Jaroslav Demel, Ph.D. and PR specialist Ing. Ondrej Michal.

More information for employees on the intranet

Design manual

A well-crafted visual style co-creates and supports the communication of a modern institution, indicating its character and direction. TUL's unified visual style basically consists of three main elements (1) font, (2) branding, and (3) colors.

The Graphic Manual presents rules and recommendations for maintaining a functional and consistent visual style with examples of specific outputs and brand work. This online manual includes current files and source data. All graphic materials are available on the intranet or in BrandCloud.

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