Doctoral Students

Supervisor: doc. JUDr. Ing. Bohumil Poláček, Ph.D., MBA, LLM

 Doctoral Thesis
full-time Ing. Kryštof Tichý Valuation of intangible assets with a focus on intellectual property
full-time Ing. Michaela Matoušková Valuation of corporate real estate
full-time Ing. Pavlína Petrová The use of artificial intelligence in the valuation of a business at book value
part-time Ing. Štěpánka Šilhartová, M.Sc. Company valuation using accounting method based on historical prices.



Defended doctoral theses

Year Name Doctoral thesis
2018 Ing. Markéta Mačí Selected Systems Evaluating Vitality of Businesses doc. Dr. Ing. Olga Hasprová
2015 Ing. David Pur 

Measurement of Assets, Liabilities and Equity
and its Influence on Determining the Value
of a Company
doc. Dr. Ing. Olga Hasprová
Ing. Jitka Šturmová Influence of Environmental Taxes on Company´s Performace prof. Ing. Květa Kubátová, CSc
2014 Ing. Ivana Chramostová Methodology for Measurement of Intelectual Property Items at Public Universities doc. Dr. Ing. Olga Hasprová
Ing. Lenka Strýčková  Financial Resources of a Company: Potential
and Trends
doc. Dr. Ing. Olga Hasprová
2011 Ing. Zdeněk Brabec Accounting Information and the Informative Value of Financial Statements and Financial Analysis doc. Dr. Ing. Olga Hasprová
2008 Ing. Martina Černíková Environmental Aspects of Sustainable Development of Accounting of Companies
in the Czech Republic
doc. Dr. Ing. Olga Hasprová
Ing. Radana Hojná Cost Management as a Tool for the Improvement
of Company´s Efficiency
doc. Dr. Ing. Olga Hasprová
2007 Ing Helena Rybková Banking Regulation and Supervision - Stabiliser
or Retarder of the Banking Industry in the Czech Republic
doc. Dr. Ing. Olga Hasprová
2006 Ing. Olga Malíková Czech Accounting in the Relation to the Historical Background doc. Dr. Ing. Olga Hasprová


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