Instructions for Assignment and Processing of Final Thesis

Final Thesis Assignment – during the 1st year of study

Students of the first year of Master study (during April, a year before finishing the study) register for the framework topic of the diploma master thesis at one of the departments in a given term. The master thesis is to be worked out within the framework of the  Diploma Thesis I and II course. The student has to meet a deadline and submit the thesis to the head of the appropriate department.

The topics of final Master Thesis for assignment will be available in the IS STAG during March 2022. Please login into IS STAG, then go to MY STUDY – THESIS TOPICS. Select the academic year 2022/2023 and you can search for topics in English according to your interest or intended specialization.

Students should follow the requirements given by the supervisor of selected topic, and of course, they can consult the selected thesis proposals with possible supervisors.

A student can propose an individual framework topic by the end of February at the latest by individual agreement with the future supervisor of the final thesis. In case of approving the final thesis topic by the thesis supervisor and the guarantor of the study field, this topic shall be is stipulated in the study record system STAG with the note that it is intended for a particular student.

The registration of the topics of the diploma thesis starts in IS STAG on April 1, 2022. Each student can register up to three topics.

During April 2022, supervisors will select students (they can choose more students per topic). Students will confirm their interest and opt out of other registrations. In case the selected subject is not confirmed, the student selects free topics. If there is no vacant topic anymore, please contact vice-dean of the faculty for foreign affairs Ing. Lenka Strýčková, Ph.D.

After registering with the supervisor, the student will complete the background for the specific topic assignment of the FT into the IS STAG (tab of FT topics):

  • title in English language,
  • the principles for elaboration (in the form of a numbered list) must be in accordance with the name of the assignment of the topic of FT and must correspond to what the student is supposed to solve in the assignment of the topic of FT,
  • a list of recommended current literature (in the form of a bulleted list, not older than 10 years (at least 1-2 foreign sources). The student will leave the item of the list (PROQUEST) unchanged, enter the name of the consultant under the bibliography for two rebounded lines,
  • the student chooses – “Student completes the supplementary background of the FT” and saves it.

The thesis supervisor checks the data entered by the student into IS STAG and, if necessary, agrees with the student on the adjustments. After the final adjustments, the teacher chooses "the teacher's approval of the supplementary background of the FT and saves it.

Subsequently, the dean approves the assignment through mass approval in IS STAG.

In the event of disapproval by the Dean or the Head of the Department, the assignment shall be returned to the student.

After approval by the Dean, no later than 31.10. in AY the secretariat of the relevant department generates an assignment from the IS STAG, which will be a part of the printed FT.

You have the right to change the topic of your master thesis once, if needed.

There will be DIPLOMA SEMINAR on June 3, 2022.
Classroom: H-32/ online meet: https://meet.google.com/sbq-bkra-awv
Time: 16:00pm - 18:00 pm
More info about the seminar: Ing. Athanasios Podaras, Ph.D.
Participation in the seminar is obligatory! The credit (DS1PE) is awarded by the supervisor of the diploma thesis the next academic year on the basis of participation in the seminar.
PDF version of prezentation for 2021/2022: PowerPoint Presentation – Diploma Seminar

During September 2022 (until 1 October 2022) you should prepare and submit Assigment of Diploma Thesis with the help of your supervisor.

Processing of Final Thesis – during the 2nd year of study

The Final Thesis is elaborated by the student in written form. Depending on the nature of the topic assignment, it is supplemented by appendices. The range of the FT corresponds to the given topic and is given in the FT specifications. The usual scope of the bachelor thesis is of 30 standard pages, the usual scope of the Master Thesis is of 65 standard pages, including figures and tables (1 standard page represents 1 800 characters including spaces). The title pages, assignments, appendices, and the references do not count towards the scope.

For processing of FT please see the Directive of the Dean No. 1/2019.

Deadline for submitting the diploma thesis in academic year 2021/22 is:

May 6, 2022

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