Directive of the Dean of the FE TUL No. 7/2021

Registration for the State Final Examination in Economics




Article 1
General guidelines

(1) A student who plans to take the State Examination in Economics (hereinafter referred to as the " SZZE ") shall register for the KEK/SZZE (Department of Economics/State Examination in Economics) as a standard academic subject through IS STAG. The KEK/SZZE subject will not be scheduled in IS STAG.


(2) The provisional dates of the SZZE are set according to the calendar of instruction for the respective academic year, as a rule in January, June and at either the end of August or beginning of September. The specific dates of the SZZE are determined by the Head of the Department of Economics and are announced in IS STAG at least two months before the SZZE.


(3) Students register for the specific dates of the SZZE via IS STAG. Students who have successfully completed the Microeconomics lI and Macroeconomics lI courses may apply for the State Examination in Economics.


(4) Students may withdraw from the SZZE term via IS STAG no later than ten working days before the SZZE. Late withdrawal from the SZZE term is possible only in exceptional cases; the student is obliged to document the reasons for withdrawal in writing to the Head of the Department of Economics.


(5) The SZZE schedule is published at least five working days before the SZZE on the Department´s website. Students registered for the SZZE are obliged to keep track of any changes in this schedule.


(6) Students shall report for the State Examination in Economics at least 40 minutes before the examination commencement time specified in the SZZE schedule.


(7) The student shall present a valid student ID to the examination committee prior to the start of the SZZE.


(8) The SZZE may be repeated twice in the event of failure, always within the academic year immediately following the previous examination date, but not earlier than the next scheduled date of the SZZE.



Article 2
Erasmus+ Programme and Comparable Academic Mobility Abroad

(1) A student who has completed the Microeconomics lI or Macroeconomics lI course during his/her study abroad may participate in the Erasmus+ programme without the need to take these courses at the Faculty of Economics of the Technical University of Liberec.


(2) ln preparation for the SZZE, the students referred to in paragraph (1) are advised to inform themselves on the content and scope of the Microeconomics lI and Macroeconomics lI courses with the course supervisors, or these students may attend lectures and seminars of these courses without having to re-enrol in them.



Article 3
Transitional and final provisions

(1) This Dean's Directive repeals the Head of the Department of Economics' 2016 instruction "Organisation of the State Examinations in Economics".


(2) This Dean's Directive shall come into force and effect on the 20th of May, 2021.





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