Earn a Doctoral Degree

Student and TEACHER

(You can choose the research focus by yourself)

Student and teacher. Although a doctoral student is officially a student, they practise also as university teachers. A doctoral student is a special creature you meet with every week for practical lectures, and you might be a bit less formal with them than with the other professors.  Perhaps you have already wondered what else a doctoral student does. You have that part right. In addition to teaching, they do research. The choice of research topic is entirely up to them. The topic of the research can be chosen based on what you enjoy and care about.

You can choose from a wide range of prepared topics or propose a topic to a selected supervisor. Depending on the focus of your future research, you can then choose a field for doctoral study. EF TUL currently offers two doctoral programmes with the possibility of studying in Czech and English. If you are interested in what a poor doctoral student must endure, you will find a detailed description of their obligations in this directive.

Topics of the Dissertation Thesis for doctoral study programmes

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