Admissions for academic year 2019/2020

Conditions for application process for academic year 2019/2020:

  • An applicant has to present the documents confirming his/her previous completed education (original or officially certified copy of the diploma, a certificate or similar document issued by a foreign institution with a nostrification clause or, in the case of a foreign higher education institution, a certificate of recognition of higher education, unless otherwise provided by the international treaty) on enrollment at the latest.
  • An applicant who applies for studies in English has to demonstrate the knowledge of English at least on B2 level under “the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages”.
  • The candidate must successfully take the entrance examination, which takes place in the form of an admission interview with the committee (it may be a form of a distance interview using Skype). The commission for the recruitment of students (hereinafter referred to as the commission) assesses the candidate's qualifications and abilities (professional focus of the previous studies, study results of the previous studies, knowledge of English and expertise; in doctoral degree programs is considered also: the proposal of topic for dissertation, published papers, participation in projects, etc. with an emphasis on the focus of the planned study field and the topic of the dissertation). On the basis of the documents submitted by the applicant, the interview, and the assessment of the applicant, the commission decides on the recommendation or non-recommendation for admission of the applicant for study. The commission shall produce a summary assessment of its decision, stating the reasons for this decision, which it shall submit to the Dean of the faculty.

Application fee: 100 USD or 2000 CZK for all study programmes.

Bachelor Studies (3 years)
Bachelor courses leading to the degree of Bc. equivalent to B. Sc. or B.A. Bachelor studies are concluded by the Final State Examination, part of which is the bachelor thesis defence.

  • System Engineering and Informatics
    Specialization: Information and Communication Management (NEISSE University)
    (studies are in 3 different countries: 1st year of studies in the Czech Republic, 2nd year of studies in Poland, 3rd year of studies in Germany)
  • Business Administration
    Specialization: Production Management
  • Business Administration
    Specialization: Economics and Management of Services

Master Studies (2 years)
Courses leading to the degree of Master, equivalent to M.Sc. or M.A.. Master studies are concluded by the Final State Examination and the diploma thesis defence.

  • Business Administration
    Specialization: Management of Business Processes
  • Business Administration
    Specialization: Marketing and International Trade

Doctoral Studies (4 years)
The University offers also postgraduate Doctoral courses leading to the degree of Ph.D. These are completed by the State Doctoral Examination and Doctoral Thesis Defence.

  • Economics and Management
    Specialization: Business Economics and Management
  • System Engineering and Informatics
    Specialization: Economics and Informatics
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