Research activities of the department concern marketing, marketing communication, customer value and satisfaction, internet shopping, business competitiveness, microeconomic aspects of international trade and international economic relations in regional concept. The department participates in projects awarded with grants and in other research tasks from ministries, regional institutions and business subjects. It closely cooperates with the entrepreneurs and organisations in the Liberec region on research and development activities.

Currently, the department focuses its research on two topics related to:

  1. internationalisation and productivity processes in terms of business environment and investment decision making;
  2. luxury fashion brands in the Czech market and quality of services in retail business.

The department's research findings are published in national and international journals, in peer-reviewed proceedings from international conferences, and in monographs.

Research projects conducted by the department


Publications of the Department awarded by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics

The academics of the department publish in national as well as foreign academic journals, in international conference proceedings, and monographs.

The best monograph:
1st place: Ing. Otakar Ungerman, PhD Social Media Utilization by Small and Medium Enterprises in Communication with Consumer, published by TU in Liberec (2015)
1st place: Ing. Lenka Červová, PhD Customer value in business subjects of tourism, published by TU in Liberec (2014)
The best article in journal:
2nd place: doc. Ing. Zuzana Potužáková, PhD Analysis of causes and consequences of youth unemployment in EU. Political Economy (2015)
The best student publication:

2nd place: Ing. Renata Čuhlová, BA (Hons) Multinational Companies Benefiting From Investment Incentives and Their Impact on Labour Market of Ustecky Region“, XVIII. International Colloquium on Regional Sciences. 1st ed. Brno: Masaryk University (2015)


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